Sepand (سپند): Spand, Espand or Esfand, is another complimentary setting and since it starts with letter "S", it has its permanent place on 7seen spread. Sepand is a sacred seed and keeps the evil eye and bad karma away and protects a family in safe hand.



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Nowruz celebration and its haft seen spread is one of the oldest Persian tradition that goes back for many thousand years ago. Persian have always been celebrating the beginning of Spring when days and nights are equally 12 hours apart and it is the beginning of a a complete solar calendar year which is 365 days and almost 6 hours. This is the only unique type of celebration that people would do it at the same exact time in and around the world. This 7seen countdown, its logos and all of its images are inclusively selected for their direct subject matter to 7 seen spread and/or other section of the website and are subject to copyright protection!

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