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Un-authenticated letter showing a telegram sent from Adolf Hitler to Reza Pahlavi, shah of Iran, greeting Nowruz 1317.  The telegram dated March 20, 1938 and being translated from German to Farsi by Ministry of P.T.T., Radio Pahlavi. We were not able to find the original document sent by German government nor found any other source to certify this document.  German government was interested in Iran due to Iranian Aryan race as well as having a vast border with Soviet Union.  Reza Pahlavi also was interested in German ideology against communism.

Sadegh Hedayat in his book "Haji Agha" written in 1324, mentions about Hitler's interests in Iran and the mentality of some Iranian elite who were supporting Hitler's war against bolshevism. Haji agha, the shrewd main character of the story believes that Hitler would soon free Iran from Western occupation.  Hedayat has chosen a smart way of describing the existing situation in early 1320s in Iran's political and social life and believe to be one of his best realistic novels.

There are internet sources that have discussed the closeness of German government with Iran during 1936-1941 before Reza Pahlavi's exile.

EMERSON VERMAAT on his article called, "Both Hitler And The German Nazis Courted Iran" writes about Max Domarus, an anti-Nazi German writer and historian, published Hitler's most important speeches and proclamations. He describes how Hitler sent a congratulatory telegram to Iranian Shah Reza (Reza Pahlavi) on the occasion of the latter's birthday on March 5, 1941. And on March 20, 1941, Hitler sent another congratulatory telegram to the Shah on the occasion of the Iranian Nowruz Spring festival.

Max Domarus, Hitler Reden Und Proklamationen 1932 1945 Vol 1 to 4 , 90 Meg download (Page 1675):



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